Philosophy: Healthy, Convenient, Affordable Home-Cooking

I added an additional title to my blog today (it is already on my business cards) that says “healthy, convenient, affordable home-cooking.” Let me explain that a little.

Aside from a few desserts that I have made, I strive to create and share healthy ingredients and recipes. I also want the ingredients to be convenient such that they are easy to find and not rare as well as available at any local grocery store. It should also be fairly easy to make and understand. Lastly, I want the meal ingredients to be affordable for the average person. I want people to be able to make healthy choices without breaking the bank while making reasonable changes to lifestyle and eating habits.

I hope this explains some of my reasoning for choosing particular ingredients and cooking in particular ways – not to mention that I have a food diary available whenever I’m ready to create my weekly menu and grocery list!

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