Choosing Refried Beans

Let’s talk about beans: refried beans. To me, this is a simple choice, but I have been buying the same product for years. It continues to surprise me when I send my husband to the store and he comes home with the wrong beans. The last time, I took a step back to analyze the situation and realized that to me this was common knowledge, but to him, it wasn’t.

Choosing a healthier refried beans  (Espinosa Kitchen) Refried Beans: notice how the fat-free version is healthier by not adding lard (Espinosa Kitchen)

Above are images of the two different canned refried beans and their ingredient lists. Notice how the fat-free has less ingredients. Often fat-free means chemicals and gross stuff you don’t want in your body. This is not the case with fat-free beans: it simply means that extra lard is not added – specifically: partially hydrogenated lard with bha and bht. (Click the links for more information on the dangers of these ingredients.) Of course making your own refried beans is possible (Ellie Krieger has a great recipe – otherwise 100 Days of Real Food is good, too), but canned is a convenient alternative and time-saver.

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