Eating Gluten-Free

So I am trying out a gluten-free diet. I really had no idea how difficult it is to be gluten-free. By this I mean planned events such as weddings, pot-lucks, trainings at work. I have to specially request certain foods and then double-check that there isn’t a chance of cross-contamination. What a hassle! A future wedding that’s coming up, the caterer doesn’t offer gluten-free meals – but suggested I just pick off the buffet what I didn’t think had gluten in it. Are you kidding? One of the first rules I was told was not to eat from bulk bins due to cross-contamination. There is also “hidden” gluten that is in sauces, spreads, etc. Obviously this caterer had no clue how to handle dietary restrictions. Luckily if I were to eat gluten, it would only disrupt my 2-month trial rather than make me physically ill (hopefully!) (insert individual with real dietary restrictions = major problems).

When I was discussing this issue with some individuals at a recent health and wellness fair, we discussed the opportunity I have for expanding my blog. I hadn’t thought of that. I was pleasantly surprised that there are still several things I normally eat that I can still eat such as corn tortillas: YES! I can still eat my Bean and Cheese Enchiladas! Which, by the way, I am making tonight.

Eating Gluten-Free (Espinosa Kitchen)

I had to find special gluten-free steel-cut oats – since I eat them every morning – no joke. I was nervous when I found out that oats are naturally gluten-free, but are often contaminated when processed in the same equipment as products that contain gluten. Luckily, our local HyVee sells Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Steel Cut Oats. I bought the rest of them last weekend!

I have made two different kinds of gluten-free pastas in the last few days and was pleasantly surprised by how delicious they were and how much they reminded me of regular whole-wheat pasta. We used Schar’s Penne for our Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli (where we substituted King Arthur’s Gluten-Free Flour for All-Purpose) and Tinkyada’s Brown Rice Pasta Spaghetti Style for our Pasta Alla Notka. I seriously could hardly tell the difference. The funny part is: my husband has to eat gluten-free for 2 months by default. LOL 🙂 It’s like what I read in one of the gluten-free cook books I have been reading: I should look at this as an opportunity to try new foods I otherwise wouldn’t try rather. I can live with that.

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